Wonders of the Sea, Volume Three
Hidden Treasures of California's Far North Coast

Marc Shargel
Wonders of the Sea, a three Volume series

These elegant books take readers on a compelling visual voyage beneath Californiaís coastal ocean. Created by award-winning marine photographer Marc Shargel, they provide invaluable windows into the spectacular, diverse ocean life off Californiaís coast. Each volume has reference notes with abundant info about sea life. Companion website has links to cited sources, and info about efforts to protect Californiaís ocean.

Shargelís third book provides a visual voyage beneath the ocean, discovering marine life from the Oregon border to Pt. Arena. It reveals an array of marine life seen only by hearty divers who visit these rugged shores, looking at the ecological hot spots dotting NorCalís coastline. Here sea life thrives and divers, surfers, boaters, birders, and tidepoolers glimpse nature at its best. Places include St. George Reef, Klamath River mouth, Reading Rock, Patrickís Pt., Humboldt Bay, rugged Cape Mendocino, Punta Gorda, Ten Mile Beach, Van Damme, and Pt. Arena.

This volume provides a window onto the diverse ocean life of far NorCal. Just offshore from the redwood forests of this northernmost quarter of Californiaís coast lies a rainbow of color, diverse forms with varieties of life so different from whatís on land, it seems another world. Vividly reproduced color images present this underwater world, a feast for the eyes.

Informative, clear text complements the photos, taking readers on a tour of far NorCalís shoreline. Shargel recalls the regionís past too, reflecting on marine life there 100 years ago and more, through archival images and historic accounts. A disturbing trend of diminished marine life emerges. Describes and illustrates six marine habitats found in NorCal, each with unique animals and plants. Many locations highlighted now have increased protection under Californiaís Marine Life Protection Act. Ecology, marine biology, and natural history interwoven with human history all emerge from these pages. The pictures come to life in stories told by divers, educators, students, and businesspeople, all local residents. Their voices describe the intimate relationship between Northern Californians and their ocean. This bookís value transcends its beautiful images and compelling tales.

2010, hardcover with dust jacket. 104 pages, 129 color photographs, 10 b&w photographs, end notes, references. Published by Living Sea Images.
ISBN: 978-0-9814701-2-2




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