Wild Mushroom Cookbook
Recipes from Mendocino For Cooks Everywhere

Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow

Foreword by Teresa Sholars, Professor Emeritus of Biology, College of the Redwoods.

Why eat wild mushrooms? Because they're delicious! Their flavors are as varied as those of apples, oranges, and bananas. Many mushrooms lend a savory quality, often called umami; they simply make everything taste better. Some will add their own distinctive taste to a dish; some have more delicate flavors that blend well with other foods; some absorb and carry the flavors of marinades, broths, or sauces. Mushrooms are also very nutritious: high in proteins and minerals yet low in fats, carbohydrates, and calories.

A special section describes the best uses for a wide variety of mushrooms and offers handy techniques for their preparation. it also covers the best methods for preserving different types. Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow have created the most comprehensive collection of wild mushroom recipes ever assembled. Full of ideas that you can also apply to store-bought mushrooms, this book will stimulate your imagination and guide your creativity. It will enable you to turn the bounty of your mushroom hunting into feasts—from appetizers, breads, and cocktails to entrees, salads, sauces, side dishes, soups, and desserts.

"I recommend The Wild Mushroom Cookbook to anyone interested in cooking, foraging, or the West Coast. With something for everyone, it would be a great addition to your shelf—a cookbook destined for many well-worn pages."
-Virginia Till, Fungi Magazine

"This delightful exploration of fungi is at once accessible and esoteric. The authors reveal forest treasures and offer them up in scrumptious dishes, from appetizers and soups to desserts. The Wild Mushroom Cookbook not only guides you through the preparation of mushrooms but also inspires you to get out into the wild to harvest them yourself. Keep a copy in your kitchen and buy another for your favorite mushroom lover."
-Michele Anna Jordan, Chef, author of Vinaigrettes and Other Dressings and More Than Meatballs.

""f you love the thrill of the mushroom hunt and bringing back your trophies to feast on as much as I do, this is a must-have book. Chock-full of mushroom lore, serious fungi knowledge, and inspired recipes for using mushrooms in every way, Alison and Merry welcome you into their wild and adventuresome world with open arms."
-Georgeanne Brennan, author, A Pig in Provence and owner, La Vie Rustic.

"A truly authentic West Coast gem! From soufflé to sorbet and aspics to applesauce, these amazing women bring their readers an amazing blend of fearlessly diverse culinary concepts and clear mastery of mushroom!"
-Kelly Hatcher, Chef, The Tip of the Knife.

Bored Feet's copies are autographed by both authors, except by request.

2014. Published by Barefoot Naturalist Press. 284 pages, 7-¼ x 9-¼. Trade paper.



The Wild Mushroom Cookbook; Recipes from Mendocino For Cooks Everywhere Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow inside image The Wild Mushroom Cookbook; Recipes from Mendocino For Cooks Everywhere Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow inside image
The Wild Mushroom Cookbook; Recipes from Mendocino For Cooks Everywhere Alison Gardner and Merry Winslow inside image

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