The Bay Area Forager
Your Guide to Edible wild Plants of the San Francisco Bay Area

Mia Andler and Kevin Feinstein

Reading this guidebook is like taking a wild foods walk with foraging experts Andler and Feinstein: it gives practical advice for gathering edible wild plants in the Bay Area (and most of coastal Northern California) in a voice that is friendly and suffused with their rich personal knowledge. You will find thorough descriptions of where to find each of the region's most readily available plants along with clear instructions for harvesting them responsibly.

Large, detailed photographs help readers to identify plants easily. Also included are mouth-watering recipes such as cattail crepes, cherry laurel cordial, fiddlehead fusilli, and rosehip soup. Ideal for any experience level The Bay Area Forager invites readers to deepen their relationship with the environment.

Now in its third printing, this book has been tested and proven to be clear, accurate, and informative. It starts with climate and hazardous plants foragers should be aware of. Then it will broaden your interest in food diversity, health, resource management, and fun outdoors.

December 2014, 5.5" x 8'5", full-color cover, 336 pages, 85+ full-color photographs, bibliography, index. Published by The Foraging Society Press.
ISBN 978-0-61549-612-2. Trade paper



Meet the plants:


California bay laurel

black nightshade

blackberry (native and non-)

brodiaea & blue dicks

California buckeye


cherry laurel


cleavers (aka bedstraw)




Douglas fir

western elderberry

wild fennel




western huckleberry

lemon balm



common mallow


miner's lettuce

California mugwort


stinging nettle

oxalis/redwood sorrel



prickly pear cactus



soap root

strawberry madrone




black walnut

wild artichoke/cardoon

wild chamomile

wild mustard

wild oats

wild onion lily

wild plum

wild radish

wild rose

wild violet

yerba buena


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